Mapbox Vector Terrain, our global elevation and landcover tiles whose data drives maps like Outdoors, is getting a resolution bump as we use our declouded satellite imagery to improve land cover designations worldwide. With a clear view of the ground and the 11 bands that Landsat 8 has to work with, we’re able to identify unique land cover classes ranging from slight vegetation changes to more dramatic differences between the built and natural environments. An increased resolution of up to 10x means more detailed styling and informative location data for all of your applications.

More detail in natural landscapes

The variation in natural landscapes relates to the real world in much finer detail with a resolution improvement of 300 meters to 30 meters in certain places.

More detail in built environments

Our land cover data over many urban areas has improved dramatically. With algorithmic recognition of parks, small water bodies, and other designations between the natural and built environment, your applications will have improved user experience at every step.