Kyiv, Ukraine, is sharper and more colorful than ever on our satellite map today. It’s the latest in our ongoing updates around the world.

The center of the city is Maidan Nezalezhnosti, or Independence Square. Its column is about 60 m (200 ft) tall, and in the new imagery you see the shadow of the statue on its top. The protests that led to a revolution in 2014 started in Maidan. Mapbox Streets (© OpenStreetMap and others) overlaid.

The imagery shows some new construction that isn’t on any map yet, and we hope it will be useful to the city’s highly active OpenStreetMap community. (Screenshot of the iD editor using the Mapbox Satellite layer – look in the Background Settings sidebar.)

The new Комфорт Таун (literally, Comfort Town) development is full of colorful buildings.

Kyiv started as a town on the west side of the Dniepr river, and was already a significant city by the year 900. The older neighborhoods tend to have more irregular streets. This zoomed-out view shows landmarks like the city’s bridges and the Olympic Stadium.

Kyiv is another big city we’ve refreshed on the satellite map in the past few weeks, with Ho Chi Minh City, Prague, and more than a dozen others. We look forward to many more in our three million square kilometers of new, high-res pixels. We hope you’ll find these imagery updates as useful and as beautiful as we do.