You can now run highly customizable and natively rendered navigation maps in Rightware Kanzi - the UI engine for digital auto cockpits.

We’ve partnered with Rightware to integrate our maps into their platform, exposing the full spectrum of Mapbox APIs within Kanzi. With a few mouse clicks in Kanzi Studio, you’re now able to add a Mapbox map to your dashboard and control map camera and navigation.

These maps are fully customizable and render natively on OpenGL-accelerated hardware. Use Mapbox Studio to create tailored map styles and deploy them instantly to the fleet. Fully control the traffic enabled turn by turn navigation experience and layer in your own data, such as the nearest charging stations.

Stop by Rightware (booth C187) and Mapbox (booth B132) at TU Automotive Detroit this week or drop us a line to discuss what you can build with Mapbox and Kanzi!