We’re now creating binary builds of the MapBox iOS SDK, which means that integration into projects is smoother and projects are able to be compiled faster during development. While the option is still available to include the SDK as a sub-project within your main Xcode project (it is open source, after all), we will now be packaging pre-built binary frameworks available on the SDK downloads page.

Now you can drag MapBox.framework into your project, adjust one linker flag, add #import <MapBox/MapBox.h> to your source files or your precompiled headers (<Project>-Prefix.pch), and you are ready to start making beautiful, native maps right in your app. And you can still add the SDK as source if you’d like to modify our code, more easily debug during development, keep up with the latest changes as they happen, or just see what’s going on under the hood. We’ve documented both setups in our SDK integration documentation.

In addition, with this release we’ve tagged beta version 0.3.0 of the SDK. Since the last tag a few weeks ago, we’ve:

  • Added native support for custom markers and made an example app.
  • Improved the performance of vector paths and shapes when panning and zooming.
  • Enhanced the performance and redrawing of multiple stacked tile layers.
  • Made many other refactorings and improvements.

We’d love your feedback and testing on the new framework. Just use the support forum for questions on getting setup, the issue tracker for reporting problems or requesting features, or contact me on Twitter at @incanus77.