Pitch just shipped in the newest release of the Mapbox iOS SDK! We also added support for iOS 9.0 and made continued performance and stability improvements.

A new camera-like API lets you control an MGLMapView’s pitch. You can animate the map view’s geographic center, zoom level, compass bearing, and pitch simultaneously and fluidly. As with other iOS animations, you get precise control of the animation’s duration and timing curve to transition seamlessly between different viewpoints. Your users can also tilt the world with a two-finger swipe.

Mapbox mobile

Another nicety is course tracking, which automatically rotates the map to face the general direction of travel instead of the device’s orientation. (Imagine sitting in a sideways-facing seat on a bus.) To help users orient themselves in the various user tracking modes, the user location annotation now displays the current bearing and also tilts with the map.

The new release includes support for iOS 9.0 and Xcode 7. In Xcode 7, the Mapbox iOS SDK uses lightweight generics to eliminate redundant casts in your Swift 2.0 code and to help with type-checking of arrays and other collections in your Objective-C code. The SDK also incorporates version 8 of the Mapbox GL style specification, just like the new Mapbox Studio, enabling new cartographic features and taking advantage of the engineering improvements we’ve been making on the Web.

Read the full list of changes in version 2.1.2. Install the SDK via CocoaPods or directly as a static library. Browse our examples, API docs, and in-depth guides to get started.

Mapbox Mobile is free for up to 50,000 monthly active users. It features a comprehensive location and device analytics dashboard to help you smartly use location in your apps.