Mapbox for iOS is our fully native library for enhancing iOS apps with OpenGL-powered Mapbox maps. We’re building Mapbox for iOS on a cross-platform core, but we also made sure to adapt the library to common workflows and platform conventions on iOS.

MapKit-like API

Mapbox for iOS features APIs and design patterns that are familiar to any developer who has worked with MapKit and Apple’s other iOS APIs. You don’t need to learn a new vocabulary to get started. We even have plenty of examples to help you switch from MapKit or the Google Maps SDK.


Mapbox for iOS comes with built-in support for Interface Builder storyboards, which make it easy to iterate on radical new designs of your app on a click-and-drag canvas. With inspectables for customizing the map view’s initial appearance and a helpful designable view, you can create your first Mapbox-powered application without writing a single line of code.

Objective-C and Swift

Whether you code in Objective-C or Swift, Mapbox for iOS takes advantage of the latest language features to fit right in. All of the library’s headers are audited for nullability, making your Swift code less !?!?. And if you’re already trying out Xcode 7, Mapbox for iOS uses lightweight generics to eliminate redundant casts in your Swift 2.0 code and to keep you from making silly mistakes with arrays in your Objective-C code.

Get started with Mapbox for iOS today – in either language – with our “First steps” guide and our collection of examples.