Our latest iOS SDK release introduces native view annotations, bringing the powerful, customizable marker views that we recently released on Android to iOS. Our new annotations are a big step forward and are powerful building blocks for visualizing information and bringing your maps to life with (realtime) data and native interactions. The new MGLAnnotationView is a subclass of UIView, so you can get creative with visual styling, animation, multitouch interaction, and everything else you’d like to do with a native view.

We added new methods that can return visible map features at a given point or in a specific rectangle on the map. You can query for features and use the returned objects to add your own annotations or polylines to the map.

We brought support for VoiceOver to improve the accessibility of our maps. We’ve made the user location, annotations, compass, attribution, and map controls accessible for VoiceOver.

This update is packed with a long list of exciting other new features and enhancements. Take a look at the changelog for the complete details and browse our improved documentation to dive right in. We’re looking forward to showing you more about the latest features over the next few weeks. Have a great example to share? Let us know.