Tom Lee (@tjl) and I will each be speaking at International Open Data Conference 2015 in Ottawa on Thursday and Friday of this week.

On Thursday, 1:30 pm EST I’ll be answering questions as part of the Companies: Putting Data to Work panel. I’ll talk about how Mapbox engages with open data, with particular focus on our work with imagery data, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap community, and what a healthy open data ecosystem means for speedy geospatial solutions in times of need.

On Friday, 1:30 pm EST Tom will be talking about OpenAddresses and data standards as part of the Connecting Standards Action Workshop. He’ll be focusing on how OpenAddresses has become the most successful open address dataset in the world, and why simple, limited standards are often better than complex, powerful ones.

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We can’t wait to connect with folks at the conference! If you aren’t able to be in Ottawa this week, the conference sessions will be live-streaming on the web.