To-fix is a micro tasking tool we’ve been working on for improving map data. Feed to-fix a massive list of issues and it presents individual items, one at a time, to be worked on. Mappers log in, fix issues right in their browser, and together solve large problems from all over the world in an organized way.

With over a dozen categories of issues we currently have to-fix loaded up with over ten million items that need to be reviewed and possibly fixed. To-fix also integrates with the iD editor for making quick fixes in the browser and JOSM for more powerful lifting in an external desktop application.

That highway isn’t connected on one end

Our data team is currently using to-fix to solve systematic problems in OpenStreetmap, improving the global basemap.

Right now we’re focused on fixing connectivity errors, places where roads is missing connections to the surrounding road network which negatively impact possible routing data, and highlighting places where there is new TIGER data that is missing in OpenStreetMap.

Highlighing a road that is missing in OpenStreetMap but available in TIGER2013

Take to-fix for a spin and improve OpenStreetMap. Interested in joining our data team and working on problems like this? Check out our job listings for data analysts in Peru and India.