Introducing Mapbox Streets v7

Mapbox Streets v7 is now available in Mapbox Studio. Based on OpenStreetMap, Mapbox Streets provides a global set of data that’s ready to be customized for any map design. With v7, we’ve added features and data for increased cartographic flexibility and easier styling.

Refined road classifications

We’ve expanded and simplified our road classifications for increased styling control. For example:


Peak elevations in feet and meters

Mountain peak points now include elevation values in feet and meters. Skip the conversions and choose your desired measurement, or adjust the style dynamically based on your user’s location or preferences.

Peak elevations in feet and meters with Mapbox Streets

Highlighting landmarks

Famous landmarks are now available at more zoom levels to help you design travel-focused maps.

Mapbox Streets landmarks in Rome

Expanded highway shields and rail station coverage

We’ve included custom highway shield options for 20 additional countries and rail station network information for 18 additional cities. Make your users feel at home with location-specific graphics.

Click below to explore highway shields around the world

Getting started

Follow these links to learn more and start styling Mapbox Streets v7: