We just released a new version of Maki, our open source map icon set. Maki 3 includes 114 icons, plus style guidelines to help the icon set grow to meet user’s needs, and an iconset editor for quickly customizing map icon sets.

Greater legibility

We redrew every icon from the ground up to make them more legible than ever. The new icons were systematically designed to have clear silhouettes and better pixel alignment, ensuring visual clarity for a variety of monitor types and devices.

More stylistic unity

Maki now has style guidelines, which we used to unify the icon set.


We designed the latest version of Maki to be easy to customize. Use the iconset editor to style Maki to fit your next map style:


In order to ensure all the icons in the set conform to the design principles, the Maki project includes tests to check for invalid SVG elements, properties, file sizes, and file names.

Contribute to Maki

Maki is in a great position to keep growing. It’s open source and CC0 licensed. With the help of the design guidelines, both new contributors and old alike will be able to work more efficiently than ever through the public icon request backlog.

If you’re working on a project that demands an extensive icon library, or even if you just need one or two icons that aren’t yet in Maki, consider reading the guidelines and contributing to the project yourself.