We’re excited to introduce Mapbox Guides, a new collection of educational guides for every corner of the Mapbox platform. Guides is for anyone who wants to learn more about making maps with Mapbox, TileMill, and the rest of our platform. Each guide covers general concepts and tricks of the trade, so that you can get started building fast.

Guides preview

We’re starting out with seven new guides including a glossary of terms:

Mapbox Editor Basics

Explore the fundamentals of the Mapbox Editor, the tool for creating features, customizing your map, and adding custom data.

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JavaScript & Web Maps

JavaScript is one of the most widely used languages for interactivity on the web. The Mapbox JavaScript API was built with this interactivity in mind, giving users the tools to create and extend the utility for maps on the web. Here, we introduce some of the basics of JavaScript and how to make your maps a unique experience.

Mapbox glossary

Enough jargon! What is MBTiles? What is GeoJSON? We’ve scoured our site for terms to provide clear definitions.

Help us help you

All of our guides have feedback forms at the end of the articles. Are we missing something? Need more detail? Send us your comments, ideas, and suggestions through the feedback forms or tweet us @mapbox with your ideas.