Next Saturday (10/13) in Portland I’ll be leading a crash course to OpenStreetMap workshop that will explain what OpenStreetMap is, how you can use it, and how you can start editing and contributing to the geo dataset. The workshop is part of the State of the Map USA conference, and is open to the wider public along with conference attendees. Sign up here.

Specifically, the workshop will:

  • Showcase examples of OpenStreetMap in use, and explain why and how it was used.
  • Teach you how to survey using GPS devices and field papers and add that data to OpenStreetMap
  • Show how to trace satellite imagery
  • Discuss how to get involved with the great OpenStreetMap community and its many resources

The workshop will be a great start to the conference for people newer to OpenStreetMap. For folks just coming to the workshop, this is not just a good learning experience but also a rare opportunity to see the OpenStreetMap community in action and get to connect with them. Participants are invited to come early to catch the keynotes by OpenStreetMap founder Steve Coast and OpenStreetMap Foundation board member Henk Hoff, and to stay for lunch to talk with other community members.

You can RSVP here. Spots are limited, so register before it’s too late.