I’ll be at the International Conference of Crisis Mappers with Matt this week hanging out with our friends from the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). We are going to be teaching new mappers how to use iD Editor and talking about the new OpenStreetMap micro-tasking application we’ve built called to-fix.

To-fix breaks up big mapping jobs into smaller tasks that any number of people can work on asynchronously. Compile a list of tasks like straightening kinked roads or disaggregating overlapping features, feed the list into to-fix, and the tool will queue up the tasks for a group of mappers and track their progress.

flipping through tasks in to-fix

We have built to-fix to scale Mapbox’s data team, and we’re excited to share it at ICCM. For example, to-fix could be used in crisis mapping to verify or clean up large sets of newly mapped features during a HOT activation.

Find us in person this week or hit us up on Twitter @aaronlidman, @mtirwin with more questions.