A week ago I posted screenshots of a woodcut inspired map I made. A lot of people asked for an interactive version, so I spent some time polishing the map for the entire world.

This time I added labels to make the map easier to navigate, customizing them at each zoom level with the help of Nicki and AJ’s typography and mapmaking expertise. I focused on avoiding label overlap and clashing – a technical detail that makes a huge difference on map aesthetics.

I also refined all of the wood textures to look great at a smaller file size. The original patterns from PixEden were seamless, but since the files were very large, I cut out small sections from the images to reduce map loading time. The patterns were color–corrected and smoothed to fit seamlessly into buildings, roads, and parks.

The map now has new city names, roads, parks, water bodies, and custom country name shields that better fit the color scheme of the oceans and land textures. Take a look at the interactive map and let us know what you think!

Washington, D.C.

Country label placards

State and highway lines

City buildings up close