You can now edit OpenStreetMap directly from your Mapbox Streets map with today’s roll out of improved info controls for Mapbox.js. If you’re using an OpenStreetMap-based layer like Mapbox Streets and the new Mapbox.js 1.6.2, you will find an “Improve this map” link. Clicking on it will lead you all the way to OpenStreetMap to edit the map. The control is smart: it’ll jump to exactly the same spot on OpenStreetMap as you were viewing on the Mapbox map. Any changes to OpenStreetMap will appear within minutes on Mapbox Streets. If you’re in a hurry, you can make a quick note on the map instead — so other editors can fix the issues.

Try the new info controls for yourself for instance on this map.


The new info control is enabled by default in Mapbox.js:

var map ='map', 'lxbarth.h7ch7921');

This shows attribution and the improve link in a collapsible element at the bottom right of the map.

1 6 2info

You can alternatively choose to present attribution and improve link in a simple line on the map:

var map ='map', 'lxbarth.h7ch7921', { infoControl: false, attributionControl: true });

1 6 2attribution