We’ve just updated Mapbox Satellite with fresh imagery of Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Founded circa 885 (yes, 1100 years ago) the Prague metro area has since grown to be the home to approximately 2 million people.

A few highlights from the imagery update are below. You can check out the full update via the mapbox.satellite map ID. As with all of the imagery available in Mapbox Satellite, this new imagery can be used for tracing in OpenStreetMap.

The Czech Republic’s longest river, the Vltava, flows through Prague. The Štvanice Lock is one of four river locks in Prague and is constructed between Štvanice Island and the mainland.

The Karlův most, or Charles Bridge, crosses the Vlatava River in downtown Prague. This stone bridge, originally constructed in 1357 and currently only open to pedestrians, is lined by 30 statues which you can see casting shadows onto the Vltava River in this image.

Praha hlavní nádraží, Prague’s largest railway station, was originally opened in 1821. The station services local, regional and long-distance trips.