There are three new features that make editing OpenStreetMap with iD faster than ever. The best part – iD is open source software, and these features were all contributed by volunteers over the past few months. Mappers use iD and give great feedback every day, driving the developer community to build new features, which result in even better OpenStreetMap data, and more mappers using iD. Repeat and improve!

1. Background Swap

Satellite imagery sources differ by age, quality, and seasonality, and sometimes it’s useful to map against multiple backgrounds.

iD now remembers the last two background imagery layers used while editing, and you can switch between them with ⌘B (Mac) or Ctrl-B (Windows).

Thanks Rodolphe Pelloux-Prayer!

Fast background swap

2. Spacebar Drawing

Map even faster with Spacebar Drawing. Tap the spacebar to place points on the map. And you can hold down the spacebar to draw smooth curves with the mouse.

Thanks Brandon Reavis!

Fast spacebar drawing

3. Delete with Lasso tool

Sometimes you have more points in the geometry of a line than necessary. Remove those extra points quickly with the lasso tool. Shift-click and drag to draw a lasso around extra points, then delete them.

Thanks Kushan Joshi!

Fast deleting with lasso tool

OpenStreetMap’s active open source community is the key to making software like iD better.

Check out iD on Github to contribute code, make suggestions, or report an issue.

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