Mapbox ♥️ Human

By Eric Gundersen on August 18 2016

We’re thrilled to welcome the incredible team behind Human to Mapbox!

Our shared vision of changing the way people move around cities and understand our planet is what makes this so special. I fell in love with the product design immediately - then liked how the app looked at my daily activity in real-time and tracked the pulse of whatever city I was in. As our teams became friends, working together in our open source mobile repositories, it was clear that we should be working a lot closer.

What the Human team has built is nothing short of amazing - their data visualizations and maps showcase its global pool of Human activity. This perspective on data is clutch as we expand our mobile play and turn anonymized aggregated data into a real-time updating map.

Human joins Mapbox

We’re now processing more than half a billion miles of anonymized aggregated data a week. From knowing where it’s safe to bike to real-time traffic, we’re building a truly self-healing map, adapting as the world changes. The network effect is beautiful - as more developers install our SDK our maps are used more. And then the anonymized aggregated data from those users make the map better and in turn, more developers want to install the SDK to have the best maps.

Human will continue to operate as a standalone activity app. We love it and love the community. The app is now shipping with frequent updates of our SDK, letting us showcase the latest features of Mapbox’s mobile SDKs and radically accelerate our SDK development.

It’s an absolute honor to welcome Christina, Fredrik, Ivo, Laurier, and Paul to the team.