As part of our commitment to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, we’ve updated more than 60,000 square kilometers of our basemap with new imagery.

HOT uses this imagery to map existing infrastructure in the region. By having updated maps, first responders, aid groups, and governments can better evaluate preparedness, assess damage, and ultimately figure out where people need help during an emergency.

Our updates to the basemap address many HOT requests that came from active projects where clear and recent imagery wasn’t available. Other updates are for vulnerable regions as part of disaster preparedness, which we identified based on previous HOT tasks. HOT requests and tasks are a major factor for us as we prioritize our imagery collection during our 3 million square kilometer basemap refresh.

Locations around the world where we refreshed imagery for Humanitarian response/preparedness.

Some of our recent updates include:

Lagos, Nigeria

Yaounde, Cameroon

Porto Nova, Benin

Managua, Nicaragua

Abuja, Nigeria

These join our previous HOT-related imagery updates:

Interested in learning more about maps for humanitarian response?

State of the Map and HOT Summit starts tomorrow in Brussels and it would be great to meet you there. Come by my talk tomorrow at 10:30 about Mapbox’s commitment to HOT to hear more.

Not attending State of the Map and HOT Summit? Find out about how Mapbox tools are free for humanitarian response teams here.