We are looking for a talented developer to join the DevOps team at MapBox. You will be working with a dedicated group of engineers, passionate about open source and open data, building the best custom mapping platform in the world.

You will design, build, and maintain ultra-fast applications and deploy them to our highly available infrastructure that powers some of the world’s biggest web and mobile apps including Foursquare, Hipmunk, USA TODAY, and Lanyrd.

Who we’re looking for

  • A strong communicator. The ability to communicate clearly and work with a tight-knit team is essential.
  • A JavaScript expert. From Node.js to IE 8 (on bad days) you should be an excellent JavaScript developer.
  • A cloud engineer. MapBox runs on AWS so familiarity with basic cloud concepts and design patterns is a must. Knowledge of using S3 and CouchDB for data persistence and Puppet for automated configuration is a plus.
  • An open source team player. You should be involved with the larger open source community through channels like GitHub, StackOverflow, or similar.
  • A healthy level of paranoia. You should have confidence in your work but humbled by the challenges of running a service at web scale. Security and performance guide all design decisions and everything from presidential elections to major weather events should be seen as threats to your application.
  • An eye for design. You should have an appreciation for good visual design and the ability to know when something is pretty enough to ship. Basic skills with image tools like GIMP/Inkscape are a huge bonus.
  • A student and a teacher. You’ll be surrounded by teammates with deep experience in strategy, data, code, and design, but we expect to be learning just as much from you.
  • A fine integrator. Experience with integrating against SaaS billing solutions (Stripe, Chargify), helpdesk tools (Tender, Zendesk), and email services (MailChimp, Mandrill) is a major plus.
  • Someone to join us at DC HQ. We work around big tables, blow off steam with intense games of foosball, and play fetch with the office dogs. The environment at the garage is awesome so we want you to join us in Washington, DC.

To apply

Please send the following to jobs@mapbox.com:

  • A note describing why you’re interested in DevOps at MapBox.
  • Your resume.
  • Examples of your work: your website and/or GitHub account and specific contributions to open source projects (preferably JavaScript).
  • (extra points) Build a simple Node.js app with MapBox, OpenStreetMap, and/or Foursquare APIs.