We are looking for a designer to join MapBox in 2013. You’ll be joining a hard working and close-knit team of purpose-driven developers, designers, and communicators. We’re a diverse group with backgrounds from international development, fine arts, music, politics, and activism but we’re all here to ensure a future for open data and mapping.

Each day you’ll be telling stories with web maps, creating data visualizations, improving the user experience of MapBox products, contributing to OpenStreetMap, and finding ways to communicate the future of open mapping to the rest of the world. You’ll be a key part of creating a vision for MapBox’s direction and products. The most important aspect of your job will be having good ideas, trying them out no matter how crazy they are, and proving or disproving to yourself and the rest of the team whether they will work.

We’re looking for a great communicator with passion for learning whatever it takes to get the job done. The MapBox design team leads are made up of a philosopher turned coder (Young), comic book artist turned UI/UX lead (Saman), printmaker turned cartographer (AJ). Expect to be doing work you’ve never done before and be hungry to become the best in the world at it.

Qualities we’re looking for

  • An artist. Expect to be sketching and illustrating at every level. When you need imagery you should be reaching first for a sketchbook or a path tool, not a stock icon set.
  • A web developer. Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, responsive web design. You should wield Photoshop/Illustrator or GIMP/Inkscape like they are extensions of your body. Expect to learn open source tools like Inkscape and Git for managing and collaborating on design work.
  • Strong composition. You should understand balance and prioritization of elements visually and temporally. You should apply your experience in composition not only to your design work but also to how you write, prioritize tasks, and communicate with others.
  • Hunger to code. You don’t need to be a coder but you will become one at MapBox. Code will be your primary tool for sketching out and putting force behind your designs and ideas. We do a lot of js (client + server side) with helpings of bash, ruby, python, and whatever else we need.
  • Self-taught learner. You’ll be surrounded by teammates with deep experience in strategy, data, code, design, but we expect to be learning just as much from you.
  • Excited to work in Washington, DC. We’re a team driven by the energy of overheards, random late night sprints, and friendly trolling. Skype doesn’t do it justice.

To apply

Please send the following to jobs@mapbox.com

  • Note describing why you’re interested in design at MapBox.
  • Resume.
  • Examples of your work. Portfolio, website, or whatever medium communicates your work best.
  • (extra points) Design an awesome map with TileMill.