This week Hipmunk relaunched their hotel search feature using MapBox maps.

Hipmunk’s overall goal is to take the agony out of booking travel, and their new hotel search feature is a huge step in that direction. Now a simple hotel search by city takes you to a fullscreen map where you can highlight neighborhoods to find information on their overall characteristics - such as tourist friendly versus hipster paradise.

In this feature Hipmunk utilizes a minimal design that emphasizes search results. Their team chose muted colors for their basemap and hid the default building footprints - possible thanks to a recent map editor update. Additionally, the new neighborhood feature highlights areas by personality, allowing Hipmunk to tell their users whether a neighborhood is family-friendly, LGBT friendly, good for romance, good for business, or on the adventurous side - all of which tie in to a person’s ultimate hotel choice.

MapBox’s developer tools are flexible and allow for almost any design paradigm. We’re pumped to see Hipmunk utilizing these tools and offering their customers a unique and useful search view that also highlights bottom line needs when it comes to hotel search.

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