Hi-res in Hamburg, Germany

By Camilla Mahon on November 10 2014

We just updated Mapbox Satellite in Hamburg, Germany with high-resolution orthoimagery collected at the height of summer. Hamburg is home to 1.8 million residents, a historical port that dates back to the year 1189, and a modern open data policy. At 25 cm resolution, the city can be seen for its colorful maritime activity, active public spaces, and lush countryside. This dataset was collected and made available to us by Hamburg's Agency for Geo-Information and Surveying.

Crowds gather at the Alstervergnuegen music festival.
Hamburg's port dates back to its founding in 1189, and is one of the largest in Europe. Here, raw minerals are transferred from ships to trains.
Wind turbines dot the landscape just outside the city.
9.2 million containers from 900 ports in 170 countries around the world passed through Hamburg's port last year.
Shipping is not the only use for Hamburg's many waterways. Personal boats can travel throughout the city.
Alstervorland is a popular area on sunny days.