Gogo, a company that provides internet access to passengers aboard more than 1,300 commercial aircraft, just launched its popular flight tracking tool with custom maps powered by MapBox. Now passengers on Gogo-equipped Delta, United, and American Airlines flights can track where they are in realtime and quickly interact with fast maps.

Gogo's new maps on American Airlines

More than just cost savings over Google Maps, this switch is rooted in Gogo’s need for strong design control, which they get from TileMill, and low bandwidth detection that’s built into MapBox’s API (see “image quality” in the API for details. The latter is especially huge for Gogo, allowing them to control bandwidth consumption for users at 30,000 feet while traveling 500 mph.

In flight maps are important to Gogo’s offering and will continue to be. Peter Bartsch from Gogo says:

Flight tracker continues to be one of the more popular things consumers do at 30,000 ft, and we will continue to look for ways to enhance that offering.

We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Gogo helping them make and serve fast, beautiful maps. Look for them on your next flight.