GoDaddy has launched GoCentral to help businesses everywhere build better websites. We’re thrilled to help power GoDaddy with effective location tools that combine the Mapbox Streets style, GL JS, and the geocoding API.

With GoCentral you can create a website in minutes: sign in, select a template, enter your business location, then preview your site, and publish.

image of contact page

When you enter your address, GoDaddy’s GoCentral workflow searches our temporary geocoding API, places the address as a point on a map, and saves your business location using the permanent geocoding API.

image of godaddy map

We’re excited to power location services so GoDaddy can help their customers be 100% original.

Want to add maps to your CMS? Get started and customize your maps in Studio today. If you’d like to learn more about storing location data, contact our team and we will be happy to chat.