We love wearables at MapBox. I have Google Glass, and almost the whole team uses Strava to track their running or biking. So last Sunday I went for a long run to check out the Strava app for Glass. I thought it would be fun to expand on our previous GoPro post by looking at integrating the video and pictures I captured through Glass while running.

I made this feature-by-feature map to show my new route to friends visiting DC. However the idea of mapping a course like this could easily be used by race directors to get people excited about an upcoming race or by anyone that just wants to share what they see while running or biking.

Google Glass is not on sale yet (thank you Silica Labs for the invite), but if you have a pair you can replicate this map. Recording the GPS track with Strava is as easy as just saying: “Ok Glass, record a run”. This will show telemetry (distance, pace and time) on the Glass display, and Glass will operate in the new Immersive mode so my voice commands are restricted to the Strava app. To make a picture just push a button, or long click to make a 10 seconds video — tap to extend the video, tap to stop the video.

Videos and photos are automatically uploaded to Google, so we only need to make a map canvas with the track and all the images are pulled into the map. Here we are using our new vector layer for outdoors as the base map. Then I downloaded the gpx track from the activity page in Strava and styled it using MapBox.js. Not all media is geolocated, but I quickly added all the markers with an embedded a picture or Youtube id using geojson.io and MapBox.js. Check out our examples and tutorials on how to add markers with embeded pictures and Youtube videos on the MapBox.js examples page.