I’ve been on the leadership team at MapBox since day one. I literally filed our incorporation papers, found and built out our office, and opened our first bank account. Now we grow. Today I’m running new Q4 projections, designing partnership contracts, and doing my weekly review of our systems and processes to make them smarter so we can do our best work. The last thing I’ll do today is review applicants for our Business Development Lead in San Francisco.

We’ve grown fast at MapBox, and we’ve done that by hiring the hungriest people out there who believe in changing everything - including what it means to “make a map”. The diversity of our team has made our team stronger, our tools better, and our approaches smarter and more innovative.

We want more women to be a part of this. We’re going to continue to bring on the most passionate people out there to our team, and I believe that women make up half of that group. But they don’t make up half of our responses to job posts yet. Let’s change this. I’m @bonnie on Twitter - reach out to me. This is going to be an amazing ride, we’re just getting started.

This is an amazing ride