Come out to GeoDC tomorrow (Wednesday, March 5th), at Stetson’s. Beers at 7:00 pm, presentations kick off at 7:30 pm.

Lightning talk lineup:

  • Ben Balter, head of government relations @GitHub will show how geodata can be social — demoing their latest feature for visualizing changes of geodata over time, on their own custom map on Every commit or pull request on GitHub that includes geodata renders a visual representation of what was changed. This makes collaborating on open geodata even better: you can see the full history of GeoJSON files as they’re edited. Check out the piece in the Atlantic “Github’s New Feature Means Big Things for Open Data
  • Alex Barth at Mapbox is talking about local governments leveraging open data, specifically looking at how the New York City GIS Department release of building perimeter data paved the way for OpenStreetMap and governments to collaborate directly. As NYC data is imported in OpenStreetMap the New York City’s GIS team is informed of changes made in OpenStreetMap that effect their datasets — helping them to keep their map data current.
  • Liz Lyon will talk about what it’s like to be a transparent geographer working with the Army, including personal hints on navigating USAJOBS for map-terrific positions.

We’ll be at the upstairs bar at Stetson’s near the intersection of 16th and U streets NW. We’re excited to chat over beers and look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!

The GeoDC group meets once a month. For updates, join the meetup group or follow @geo_dc on Twitter. For more details check out the event listing. If you have any questions ping me @jeff_hurlock