We’re developing tools like osmlint to identify and fix common geometry and metadata problems in OpenStreetMap. At this week’s GeoDC meetup, I’ll discuss the challenges of maintaining high-quality map data and rapidly detecting vandalism at scale.

Potentially mis-tagged sidewalks in Germany, queued up for fixing.

The meetup will focus on data quality: what it means, how to get it, and what happens when you don’t have it. I’ll share the stage with Ray Milefsky of the Department of State, who’ll describe the headaches and even conflicts caused by inaccurate boundary data, and Julie Kanzler from the DC city government, who’ll explain why quality data “is all about people.”

Come check out the presentations and talk maps with the most dynamic geo crowd in DC! We’ll meet on Wednesday, February 3 at 7:00pm ET on the second floor of Local 16 at 1602 U St NW.

GeoDC is a monthly thing. Keep up with topics and presenters on the GeoDC Meetup site and at @Geo_DC.