The next GeoDC meetup is tomorrow (Wednesday, May 2) at 7:00 pm at Stetson’s and will focus on crisis mapping. With the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap board in town this week along with lots of international development folks for the InterAction forum, it is a great time to focus on how mapping can be used in humanitarian work, disaster response, and preparedness.

There are five lightning talks on the agenda:

  • Nicolas Chavent will talk about the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team’s role in Haiti since the earthquake.

  • Harry Wood will walk through how anyone can help the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team respond in a crisis and grow the open geo data set in the impacted region.

  • John Crowley will talk about ongoing experiments at Camp Roberts to integrate crisis mapping into official geospatial systems of disaster response institutions.

  • Schuyler Erle will talk about community mapping and citizen reporting in the jungles of Mexico.

  • Kate Chapman will talk about her work bringing together village leaders and students to map critical buildings in Jakarta.

The meetup will start at 7:00 pm, with introductions and presentations kicking off at 7:30 pm. I recommend arriving early as it will be crowded, with 90 people RSVPing so far. We’ll be at the upstairs bar at Stetson’s near the intersection of 16th and U streets NW. For more details check out the event listing.

This meetup is just one of the events happening around this topic this week. The World Bank and InterAction are holding a free workshop on open source mapping tools on Thursday, and before that there is a panel at the Wilson Center discussing using tools like OpenStreetMap to better respond to disasters. For more information on these events, check out my Week in DC Tech roundup.

The GeoDC group meets once a month. For updates, join the meetup group or follow @geo_dc on Twitter.