We’re excited to announce that Garrett Miller is joining our team at MapBox. Garrett shares our passion for bringing together code and design and has a long history of work as an artist, designer, and web developer. Garrett spent the past 5 years at Opower where he was an early part of their team, seeing it grow rapidly since its days as a startup from 15 people to 300.

Garrett Miller

We were first introduced to Garrett’s work through the Ninja Pig, part of his collection of child-art-meets-illustrator mashups at Imaginawesome. Since then we’ve lost hours of time – we won’t admit how much – to the hilarious and addictive node.js drawing game Doodle or Die founded by “those other guys doing node.js in DC” – Garrett, Aaron, and Dylan.

Garrett’s background in product design, frontend development, and node.js application hacking make him a tremendous addition to the design and technical core of the MapBox team. Expect to see his vision contribute to the direction of MapBox and TileMill in 2013.