Fresh, high-resolution imagery lets mappers add more up-to-date, detailed data to OpenStreetMap.

In November 2014, DigitalGlobe released 475,000 km2 of imagery of Cameroon in response to a polio outbreak and an influx of refugees fleeing conflict in the Central African Republic. Dozens of mappers responded by adding 128,865 km of roads and 1,421,018 buildings to OpenStreetMap.

Visualization of OpenStreetMap edits in Cameroon Use OSM Analytics to visualize mapping in Cameroon since November 2014.

Explore the Cameroon imagery in Mapbox Satellite Streets, which includes labels and points of interest.

Keep an eye on our blog and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team’s tasking manager for imagery updates. New to mapping? Get started by signing up for an OpenStreetMap account and checking out the tutorial. Leveling up your mapping skills? We’ve got great guides!

Happy mapping!