Processing pipelines for large geospatial datasets is a big topic here at FOSS4GNA this year so we’re excited to share our work in two talks today.

Wrangling pixels at FOSS4G

Wednesday March 11, 5-6PM Regency B

This evening at FOSS4G, Charlie and I will be talking about how we build a cohesive global basemap from a variety of imagery sources. We will give insight into the most important open source tools in our workflow, how we approach some of the strange imagery processing quirks that come up, and how we scale our methods into a large volume pipeline.

This hour will be filled with lots of beautiful satellite and aerial images in their pre- and post-processed states, visual examples of weird issues we encounter, and code snipets to help you get started with open source raster processing.

Geoprocessing with Node.js at FOSS4G

Wednesday March 11, 5-6PM Regency A

Carol, also speaking tonight, is excited to be giving a talk on using Node.js to explore and manipulate geodata. She’ll be sharing how she uses Node in the context of maps to process and render huge amounts of data, and she will provide examples of how to use libraries like node-mapnik and node-gdal. This talk will offer an approachable look at javascript as a geoprocessing alternative and as a doorway into both the geo and web development worlds.

We are all really looking forward to sharing with you, and can’t wait to see you tonight!

See the full schedule of talks over at the FOSS4G NA web site and all Mapbox talks here on our blog.