Mapbox.js can be much more powerful with the help of plugins: everything from clustering markers to loading OpenStreetMap data has been implemented by members of the community and is ready to connect. Today we’re making this simpler and easier with Mapbox.js plugins as a fast, hosted API.

Now, instead of downloading and copying plugin distributions, you can just hotlink the source files just as you do with Mapbox.js. This makes it easy to mix and match features and build fast.

We’re starting with eight high-quality plugins:

  • Leaflet Draw by Jacob Toye – Adds drawing functionality to your map.
  • Leaflet Fullscreen – Enables the map to fill the screen using the HTML5 Fullscreen API.
  • Leaflet Markercluster by Dave Leaver – Groups nearby markers into clusters to unclutter the map.
  • Leaflet Hash by Michael Lawrence Evans – Adds information to the URL in your browser that makes it easy to link to specific map views.
  • Leaflet Image – Export images of a map without a server component.
  • Leaflet Label by Jacob Toye – Adds labels to markers and other vector layers that can be shown when hovering over that item or bound to other JavaScript events.
  • Leaflet Locate by Dominik Moritz – Adds a button to find the user’s location using the HTML5 Geolocation API.
  • Leaflet OpenStreetMap by John Firebaugh – A convenient way of rendering tiles and vector data from OpenStreetMap.

We’ve added an example to the examples gallery to demonstrate how every plugin on the site can be used. Just copy example code or reference the scripts to start integrating these into your site.

Just like Mapbox.js, these plugins are based on and compatible with Leaflet — so you can use them with or without Mapbox.js. Stay tuned for more in the future.