Today we are opening up access for all users to the Mapbox Studio dataset editor, a brand new tool for creating and editing geospatial data in your browser. The dataset editor integrates seamlessly with the existing style editor to round out your mapping workflow: upload and edit data, customize your map style, and publish your map for web and mobile, all with Mapbox.

Create maps for your specific needs


Seattle University campus map for print and web created with the Mapbox Studio dataset editor.

Use the point, line, and polygon editing tools to add extra context to the parts of the map that matter most:

Use the dataset editor to import and trace your own source imagery. Import drone photography, historical maps, or even fantasy maps:


Tracing historical imagery of the Boston coastline to use in an interactive visualization.

Add points to the map based on search results with one click:

Drag and drop CSV or GeoJSON files into the dataset editor and see your data appear on the map. Once you import your data, you can quickly search through and modify features:

Visualize your datasets


A fire tracker app that uses datasets to visualize burn areas.

Export any dataset to a tileset, then visualize your data with the Mapbox Studio style editor:

Modify with the Datasets API (coming soon)

The dataset editor runs on top of the Mapbox Datasets API, which is currently available for preview. The Datasets API allows developers to create, edit, and update datasets programmatically. Use the API to build continuously updating visualizations or to power the location data in your next app.

Make your first dataset

Head to Mapbox Studio and create your first dataset!

For more guidance, check out our Get started with the Mapbox Studio dataset editor guide. If you make something awesome, be sure to share it with us on Twitter @Mapbox.