, the futuristic game, launches heat maps powered by MTS (Mapbox Tiling Service)

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Feb 25, 2021, the futuristic game, launches heat maps powered by MTS (Mapbox Tiling Service)


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Feb 25, 2021, the futuristic game for a second earth, just launched new maps and heatmaps, all using MTS (Mapbox Tiling Service) at its core. The team at Earth 2 have created a geographically linked digital grid layer that spans the entire planet allowing people to claim ownership of virtual land in the form of tiles. Earth 2’s platform gamifies the whole thing and provides its users the possibility of buying, selling and/or bidding on virtual land.

The Earth 2 platform allows people to search, claim, purchase or bid on any piece of virtual land around the world. Users can name the land they purchase in anticipation of a future sale or hold it for future phases of Earth 2. 

Earth 2 leverages Mapbox’s GL JS and our latest satellite imagery as well as our Temporary Geocoding API to power user’s searches for tiles to buy on E2. Users claim their properties by posting their home country flag on the tiles they have purchased.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is a popular location for users looking to acquire key properties on Earth 2.

This segmented digital layer of land consisting of over 5.1 trillion uniquely identified virtual land tiles, approximately 10x10 meters each, spanning the entire surface of Earth. Earth 2’s virtual land increases in value over time based on demand, location and earning potential.

Earth 2 has seen incredible growth over the past few months, including tens of millions of tiles acquired or traded by users. We’ve worked closely with the Earth 2 team to launch new features for tracking user activity like the purchasing and trading of tiles. Earth 2 now processes massive amounts of transaction data and renders it on the platform using our Mapbox Tiling Service (MTS), which updates Earth 2’s entire globe every four hours. The result is a heatmap layer that helps users see where transitions are occurring across the Earth 2 globe.

Popular areas around Sydney, Australia on Earth 2.
Hot spots across Europe for users on Earth 2.
Mumbai, India is also popular among users on Earth 2.

We’re continuing to support some exciting upcoming releases with the Earth 2 team, check out more at

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Maps feature data from Mapbox © Mapbox, OpenStreetMap © OpenStreetMap and their data partners, including Maxar (if applicable, © Maxar).

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