With the new 1 terabyte storage add-ons you have enough storage to map all the farms in Ohio, or monitor the entire Russian oil pipeline on a monthly basis, or photograph America’s high voltage power network, or inspect the roof of every home in California, for $100 a month.

Aerial imagery of power lines east of Hamburg, Germany.

We designed these new storage add-ons for drone platforms and power users building applications on top of our infrastructure. With 1TB, you can store roughly five million map tiles. Here is a rundown of how crazy this amount of storage is:

  • Fly over 2000 farms in Ohio every week of the summer to capture NDVI at to 50cm. The average farm size in Ohio is 184 acres. That is 368,000 acres, once a week.

  • Map the entire country of Denmark, all 43,000 km2, twice a year at 1m/pixel.

  • Monitor every coal mine in China quarterly at 1m/pixel. (There are 3.2 million hectares).

  • Inspect the entire rail network in the USA once a month for a year at 50cm. There is 228,218 km of track in the USA.

  • Take a snapshot of every roof in California, rendering a map from z17 to z19 (2m/pixel down to 50cm/pixel). There are 11.5 million occupied units in California. The average size of a house is 2200 square feet and they’re typically two stories tall, so 1100 square feet.

  • Inspect every high-voltage power line in America, once a month down to 50cm/pixel. This also assumes a 15 meter buffer on each side of the line. America operates about 157,000 miles of high-voltage power lines.

  • Monitor the entire oil pipeline network across all of Russia at 50cm/pixel once a month. There is 259,913km of pipeline across the country.

Again, anyone can now add additional terabytes of storage to their premium Mapbox account for just $100/1TB a month. If you want to talk more just email us at enterprise@mapbox.com.