Drone Adventures released four new UAV imagery layers of their recent deployments for tracing on OpenStreetMap. Three of the maps are from Fukushima, Japan, one from Lima, Peru. This release is part of our partnership with Drone Adventures to make drone imagery available to OpenStreetMap for tracing.

All imagery is hosted on Mapbox and can be traced on OpenStreetMap with any of its editors. You can get started tracing this imagery into OpenStreetMap by using the OpenStreetMap US tasking manager following any of these links:

  1. Tomioka, Fukushima
  2. Hisanohama, Fukushima
  3. Iidate, Fukushima
  4. Lima, Peru

The imagery was shot with a Sensefly eBee drone and is of very high resolution, capturing multiple square miles down to zoom level 21 — plenty for street level mapping.

The Fukushima imagery was sourced as part of a survey of the ongoing reconstruction effort three years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, read up on background over at the Drone Adventures blog. The Lima imagery was created to support the participatory mapping project ReMap Lima.

Tomioka, abandoned city in Fukushima prefecture, Japan

Hisanohama, Fukushima prefecture, Japan

Iidate, Fukushima prefecture, Japan

Lima, barrio José Carlos Mariátegui