Announcing Mapbox Drive

Mapbox Drive is the first lane guidance map designed for car companies to control the in-car experience. Built specifically for semi-autonomous driving, ride sharing, and connected cars, the map is updated live from our network of sensors. From designing the map to customizing the navigation, we're building the platform for you to own every aspect of the relationship with the driver.

We're turning phones, cars, and other devices into a network of real-time sensors. Our Mobile SDK collects billions of points that let us see every street, analyze the speed of traffic, and connect the entire road network. Last week alone we collected and processed over 100 million miles of sensor data into our maps. Anonymized and aggregated data preserves privacy while allowing us to quickly detect road changes.

We've built the data processing pipeline to filter our fire hose of sensors into accurate traffic, directions, and lane guidance maps. The updated map is delivered over the air to the connected car, using our lane trajectories like rails built into the road, guiding the vehicle and smoothly changing lanes.

Customizable design

Using Mapbox Studio you can now customize the dash experience.
Every map is designed perfectly for each in-car hardware display, from the cockpit to the console. Using video game technology, the driver experiences the map at 60 frames per second, just like maps feel on a mobile phone.

A flexible and fast platform

Mapbox Drive is a platform for you to design the dashboard for the driver and own the data from your fleet. The platform can power traffic-aware turn-by-turn navigation, guide drivers with beautiful maps, find destinations with instant search, integrate seamlessly with mobile devices, and enable semi-autonomous driving.

Directions: Turn-by-turn text and voice guidance. Routing tuned to real-world traffic conditions based on mobile telemetry data. Real-time coverage of over tens of million miles of road per day.

Maps: Beautiful streets and satellite maps with global coverage. Latest traffic and terrain with your custom data layers. Live updates to map and traffic data using super lightweight vector maps for fast online and offline rendering.

Mobile: Seamless integration of mobile map design and routing behavior with dashboard maps.

Own your data: Analyze fleet data to improve your drivers' experience and build your own data.

Search: Addresses and points of interest around the world. Responsive type-ahead geocoding for fast routing and guidance assistance.

Autonomous: Road and lane centerlines, built from telemetry data to improve guidance and support autonomous and semi-autonomous driving.

Open Source

We're building this all in the open on Github, from our iOS and Android SDKs, to Mapbox GL Native Qt support, vector tile specifications, and our OSRM routing engine. We're also improving open data in OpenStreetMap.

Learn more at TU-Automotive Detroit

Email Jeremy Stratman to talk or let's meet next week at TU-Automotive Detroit! We'll be at booth M243.