When it comes to displaying location data on a map, it’s common to have address data but not the geographic values required to display them. You can use the Mapbox Geocoding API to translate addresses into longitude & latitude data and vice versa. Every Mapbox account includes temporary geocodes you can use to display locations or orient a map.

Mapbox Enterprise customers have the option to add permanent geocodes, which they can use anywhere, join with other data, and store forever. Permanent geocoding helps logistics companies associate customers with delivery addresses or travel sites curate points of interest.

I created a widget to drag and drop address data on a page, choose fields to target and visualize the result. It connects directly to our Geocoding API, makes parallel requests to optimize performance, and Mapbox Enterprise customers can download the geocoded result.

While the Geocoding task is exposed in this interface it could alternatively be a completely customized experience where obtaining geocoded information happens behind the scenes and displaying address data on a map just works for an end user.

Have questions about how to use the Mapbox Geocoding API? Drop a line to help@mapbox.com. Want to add permanent geocoding to your Mapbox Enterprise account? Get in touch at enterprise@mapbox.com