DoorDash upgraded the app all of us use to track the status of our food obsessively. The new consumer-facing app keeps us patient as we wait for our food with a new map showing a custom Dasher icon that lets us track our meal. Now you can watch a Dasher begin their journey, dodge traffic with a more efficient route, and then approach your doorstep.

Consumer app

DoorDash also upgraded the “Dashers” app - used by the couriers who make food magically appear on our doorstep. Now once an order is placed, the only thing standing between a user and a delicious plate of Pad Thai is the Dasher’s commute. Thus, an accurate and straightforward mapping tool is critical. When an order request is made, a Dasher is assigned and receives a restaurant destination to pick up the food and the home address to drop it off. The Dasher sees a map of the route as well as the most efficient directions route at that time of day, using the Directions API for accurate ETA’s.

Our goal is to make logistics and delivery totally custom for apps like this. We just launched the Optimization API to make multi-stop delivery routes more efficient. We also pushed new releases to the Navigation SDK for customizable in-app navigation and real-time traffic to build the best user experience for drivers and customers. If you have a question drop us a line.