We’re building a routing service unlike any other and we want your help to develop it. It is flexible, fast, and customizable for every use case, from finding a path up a mountain, to driving across the country, to navigating the streets of a busy city. To build this, we need people who know graph theory, efficient algorithms, and have the desire to run fast on creating a scalable API.

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While having a background in routing is a bonus, we’re really looking for top-notch C++ coders with a deep understanding of algorithms and data structures. Knowledge in cache efficiency and I/O efficiency are certainly a plus.


Mapbox builds — and is built on — open source code. We maintain over 200 projects on GitHub, and internally we run everything from office maintenance to sales as repositories. We are huge supporters of the Open Source Routing Machine and appreciate candidates who understand the benefits of building in the open.

An opportunity

Here’s a challenge for you to pique our interest. The following is a classic problem from computer science:

Given a set of vertices V that describes a path in a graph, with each vertex assigned a weight. Find a subset of V that maximizes the sum of vertex weights without any two vertices in that subset being adjacent.

Get in touch

Got an idea how to solve this efficiently and elegantly in C++? Send the code along with a note about why you’re interested in Mapbox to jobs@mapbox.com. We’d love to hear from you.