We’re partnering with DigitalGlobe, the world’s leading provider of high-resolution satellite imagery, to radically extend the coverage of MapBox Satellite.

DigitalGlobal offers an advanced commercial satellite constellation including QuickBird, WorldView-1, and WorldView-2, which together can capture 2.5 million square kilometers of imagery every day. This coverage is only going to improve with the launch of WorldView-3 in 2014.

We will start rolling out DigitalGlobe imagery in the first quarter of 2013. In addition to satellite imagery, we’ll roll out 30 centimeter aerial imagery for the United States and Europe. This combination of satellite and aerial imagery will extend our U.S. coverage down to zoom level 18 and eventually to zoom level 19. We are planning an aggressive rollout of imagery for the rest of the world over the first half of 2013, giving us zoom level 17 satellite coverage for the entire planet.

This imagery, combined with MapBox Street’s OpenStreetMap labels, will be the canvas for building totally custom maps for the web and mobile. DigitalGlobe really sees how the space is changing and how fast maps, open source APIs, and total design control are key for letting our subscribers make maps that match their brand and apps.

“The success of MapBox is indicative of the changing face of geospatial expertise in the age of cloud computing,” said Bert Turner, Senior Vice President of Sales at DigitalGlobe.

We will be demoing MapBox Satellite today at the Mobile-Loco conference in San Francisco - look for the MapBox and DigitalGlobe signs. For those who are not in San Francisco today, here is a preview of our beautiful planet.

Tokyo, Japan: April 7, 2012, credit DigitalGlobe.

Estádio da Luz, Lisbon Portugal: March 27, 2012, credit DigitalGlobe.

Siberia, Russia: November 11, 2011, credit DigitalGlobe.

Bandarbi, Sudan: February 1, 2012, credit DigitalGlobe.

Olympic Park, London, UK: July 23, 2012, credit DigitalGlobe.

Statue of Liberty, New York, USA: Nov 9, 2012, credit DigitalGlobe.

Monaco: September 22, 2012, credit DigitalGlobe.

Parliament, Canberra, Australia: July 30, 2012, credit DigitalGlobe.

Offshore Oil Facility, United Arab Emirates: May 20, 2012, credit DigitalGlobe.

Petermann Glacier, North-West Greenland: July 19, 2012, credit DigitalGlobe.

To start working with existing MapBox Satellite imagery in your own applications, set up a MapBox account and check out our documentation.