Detailed, sophisticated maps like Emerald consist of many interrelated layers. There are 16 different types of roads, and five types of landcover: snow, crop, wood, scrub, and grass. All in all, the map contains 127 layers.

With that many layers, it can be a challenge to keep certain values uniform - like fonts and the color of water - but allow each layer to diverge from the rest in a way that distinguishes different kinds of features.


Mapbox Studio is carefully designed to solve this problem. We added the ability to select multiple layers, create a layer group, and bulk-edit values. Clicking on a layer will select it, shift-click will select the range, and ⌘-click (Mac) / Ctrl-click (Windows and Linux) will add individual layers to the selection.

A selection of layers is converted into a group by clicking the folder icon or with the keyboard shortcut g. Groups are collapsable, so you can condense the layer list for an overview. Groups can also be used to quickly select layers.


When a group is selected, editing its properties sets new values in every layer it contains. If layers have different values for a property, Mapbox Studio lists them and lets you choose one value to apply to all. This is great for cleaning up styles so that matching colors or widths match precisely.


You can also edit multiple layers without creating a group: just select a set of layers and go.


Only layers of the same type - symbols, circles, fills, lines, backgrounds, or polygons - can be edited together. If your selection includes more than one type, Mapbox Studio will offer to narrow it down to a single type.


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