The MapBox Garage now sports five dashboard displays that visualize the growth and form of MapBox and OpenStreetMap.

MapBox’s server and CDN architecture is the core of our speed and reliability. We need to keep track of response time across the world continuously, so we use a number of services, including Server Density and Librato to collect real-time statistics. This display makes that tangible, and includes the current position of Landsat 8 for fun too.

Support Leaderboard

We do a lot of support - hundreds of issues are filed and responded to by hardworking folks. We can now see this, and give extra cookies to people who help out on

Stats Leaderboard

This shows traffic flowing from websites to, and what people are interested in, each day of a week.

We use a simple proxy server that makes certain APIs CORS-enabled, thus making it possible to build these panels purely in JavaScript. They’re each written with d3js and a few small modules like web-rrd and d3tron that tackle specific issues.

Pager Duty

The MapBox devops team uses Pager Duty to keep track of late-night server issues. This pulls from the API and shows recent incidents, how long they stayed open, and who resolved them. It’s also on a 24-hour clock to highlight the 1am calls that also merit extra cookies.

DC Headlines

Most of the team is based in Washington, DC and nobody owns a car - so it matters when the 54 bus is on its way and when the local Capital Bikeshare station is full. This combines that information with Dark Sky forecasts and SunCalc dawn & dusk predictions to help everyone time their errands and commutes perfectly.