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Visit the documentation page at Customizing Mapbox Map Colors and Styles.

We just launched custom styles for our MapBox Streets world base map at the O’Reilly Where Conference, as part of Eric’s keynote on Designing Fast and Beautiful Maps. Now whether you need a clean canvas for data visualization, a film noir atmosphere for setting the mood, or map labels in the language of your audience, MapBox Streets is up to the job. With our scalable cloud infrastructure, we are proud to offer custom styling to all of our users at no extra charge.

Integrated styling

Custom styles UI

MapBox Streets is integrated right into our map builder and gives you control over how land, water, areas, and streets look. You can adjust the color scheme of your map, toggle between localized and English labels, and toggle any of these components on or off. To help you get started quickly we’ve created a dozen presets including Nightvision, monochromatic Light, and Graphite that work well with data overlays, and some more artistic schemes like St Clair and Lacquer. For the hackers out there, we’ve even done a cartographic take on the popular vim color scheme Zenburn.

Lacquer custom style The Lacquer custom style preset.

In addition to matching your look and feel, using MapBox Streets with custom styles is a great way to supplement data visualizations context while maintaining a clean canvas.

Powered by open source and open data

MapBox Hosting is powered by dozens of open source Node.js modules. Custom styles for MapBox Streets are made possible by Konstantin’s work on node-blend for fast image compositing and node-tint for efficient PNG color manipulation.

The data for our latest MapBox Streets render comes from OpenStreetMap’s March 21st database snapshot. MapBox Streets includes recent data contributions from the OpenStreetMap community and the results of our own efforts to identify and address areas with low coverage.

Get started fast

Creating a custom styled map is easy, fast, and free. Sign up for MapBox Hosting to create a new map and customize MapBox Streets. From there you can embed it in your website or request your custom map tiles directly using our API. We’re looking forward to seeing some awesome maps!