Starting today, our iOS and Android SDKs are available on Twitter Fabric. Fabric is a free, modular development platform that streamlines the process of finding and using the best mobile SDKs in your apps.

Integrating Mapbox in your app is now easy as clicking a button and adding a few lines of code:

1. Install the latest Mapbox SDKs

Fabric automatically updates versions and dependencies, which means you’ll always have access to the latest version of Mapbox Mobile.

Fabric in Android Studio (Android) and on your desktop (iOS)

2. Copy code

Follow the step-by-step guide in Fabric to access your free Mapbox account or to create a new one. Then, Fabric walks you through basic use of Mapbox tools with easy-to-follow examples and built-in copy and paste.

Fabric includes easy copy and paste examples to get familiar with Mapbox

3. Make the map your own with Mapbox Studio

Use one of the six default Mapbox styles, or create your own custom map style using Mapbox Studio.

Customize everything about your app’s map

Take a deep dive into our iOS and Android developer docs and Studio guides for more tips on creating beautiful, custom maps for your apps.