The Silent History, a new work of digital fiction, just launched in Apple’s App Store. The app uses custom mapping to transform the reading experience and engage with the novel’s content beyond the written word.

According to KQED Arts:

The Silent History is part medical case study, part mystery novel, and part real-life scavenger hunt. It tells a gradually expanding story of children born without the ability to generate or comprehend language of any kind. Their condition stumps medical experts, torments parents, and sparks a media frenzy.

Central to the app is the concept of “field reports” - allowing the reader to go to physical locations marked on a map to read more, tying the reader’s surroundings into the story. The novel combines traditional storytelling elements with location and the power of smartphones to bring in the reader’s physical context.

We worked with the developers of The Silent History to perfect their map interface, which also allows for offline use using the MapBox iOS SDK. Check out these great screenshots of the custom map that was created just for this app - it even changes colors based on time of day.

The Silent History is free in Apple’s App Store, allowing partial or full paid subscription to the content once you start exploring the app. Watch the video below for an introduction.