cugos group

Photo credit: Aaron Racicot

Last week we attended the 2016 CUGOS Spring Fling in Seattle. As the Northwest chapter of OSGeo, CUGOS focuses on learning and teaching open source spatial technology every month at the University of Washington.

The event consisted of a number of speakers, including our very own Dane Springmeyer, diving into how they incorporate open source tools into their workflow. Speakers covered everything from drone mapping, offline OpenStreetMap editing, and the latest and greatest updates to QGIS.

In the afternoon, Manny and Rafa put together a 2.5 hour Mapbox Studio workshop. The workshop covered creating & publishing custom styles, uploading custom data, and visualizing maps using Mapbox GL JS. Check out their map of Seattle traffic cameras. Hover over the camera icons to see real-time traffic imagery.

Made using Mapbox Studio. Traffic camera data from View the full map.

We’re proud to support local geo communities, and cannot wait until the next Spring Fling! You can learn more about CUGOS at